Mission Partnership

CongregationIn January, 2014 the rapidly growing Cuba District of the Church of the Nazarene was divided into two districts and the East Cuba District came into being, with José Alberto Rojas as District Superintendent. In anticipation of that action, the Oklahoma District had launched new partnership with East Cuba and our 2013 District Assembly.

The goal of this partnership is to build relationships between the people and churches of the Oklahoma District and the congregations of East Cuba. Through these relationships we will grow and learn from them as we help build capacity for their churches to grow and for the district to move toward being a phase three district.

The first steps of this partnership have been to purchase a taxi that the district will use to help pay district expenses and many of the Oklahoma churches have taken on specific projects to help enable local churches and pastors in Cuba to move toward self-sufficiency.

For more information, go to: East Cuba-Oklahoma Partnership.


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