Course of Study

There are several avenues for meeting the educational requirements for district license and eventual ordination.

  • One is through enrollment in the School of Theology & Ministry at Southern Nazarene University or a comparable program at another of the Nazarene Colleges and Universities.
  • Another is through the Nazarene Bible College, either at their Colorado Springs Campus or through their online program.
  • Or one can prepare through the Modular Course of Study with the Oklahoma District School of Ministry. The courses are taught on the campus of Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK and are available online as well. In some circumstances, these classes may be taken by special arrangement through directed study. All classes are taught by experienced ordained ministers with at least a Master's degree. Some classes are also available in Spanish.

There are 26 required modules in the Course of Study for Elder. The Course for Deacons is only slightly different.

  1. Administering the Local Church
  2. Becoming a Holy People
  3. Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally
  4. Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralistic World
  5. Communicating with Spoken and Written Language
  6. Declaring the Gospel of God
  7. Examining Our Christian Heritage 1
  8. Examining Our Christian Heritage 2
  9. Exploring Christian Ministry
  10. Exploring John Wesley's Theology
  11. Exploring Nazarene History & Polity
  12. Interpreting Scripture
  13. Investigating Christian Theology 1
  14. Investigating Christian Theology 2
  15. Leading the People of God
  16. Living Ethical Lives
  17. Preaching the Story of God
  18. Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation
  19. Providing Christian Education for all Ages
  20. Shepherding God's People
  21. Supervised Ministry Experience
  22. Telling the New Testament Story of God
  23. Telling the Old Testament Story of God
  24. Tracing the Story of God in the Bible 1
  25. Tracing the Story of God in the Bible 2
  26. Foundations of Women's Ordination
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