District Assembly Prep


This site is designed to guide the pastor through the end-of-year reporting process. Much of that process is now completed online, some through the Global Ministry Center (GMC) of the Church of the Nazarene and some through the Oklahoma District.

Begin with Mark Your Calendar 2018. This will help keep you up-to-date on the end of year schedule with the various meetings and deadlines. You should also download the Checklist. Use it throughout the process to check off the items as you have them completed and submitted.


These items will be submitted online:

  • Annual Pastor's Report (APR) – access it through secure.nazarene.org/nazid
    It will be helpful to review APR Instructions and use the APR Worksheet.
  • Pastor's Report Summary
    This is simply a separate reporting of some of the items on your APR to facilitate preparation of the church pages in the delegate book. The numbers referenced on each question refer to line items in the APR.
  • List of Ordained Ministers
    List all assigned elders and deacons who are members of your church.

These items will be available online, can be filled out and emailed:

  • Journal Order Form
  • Pastor Endorsement for Chaplain
    Any licensed or ordained minister who is serving as chaplain in a capacity other than military needs the recommendation of the District Board of Ministry and the approval of the District Superintendent. Your evaluation of their involvement in and support of the local church is helpful.

These items will need to be signed, then mailed or scanned & emailed.

  • Certificate of Election
  • Annual Audit Report
  • Deceased Members List
  • Church Directory Page
    You will receive an electronic copy of this in an email. Make any changes or corrections in red and email back to the district office.

Steps for End of Year Responsibilities

  1. Schedule your Annual Church Meeting as early as possible within 90 days before District Assembly (Manual, ¶113.7)
  2. Arrange for an audit committee and schedule their work.
  3. Open "Mark Your Calendar" and put those dates on your personal calendar.
  4. Download the "Checklist" and check off items as they are completed.
  5. DO NOT submit, this is for your use only.
  6. During February, make sure your Funding the Mission is up-to-date.
  7. Immediately after Annual Meeting, complete the Church Directory & the Certificate of Election.
  8. As soon as you have the information, complete the other forms, including the online APR.
    Note: as you complete the APR, make sure you mark each section "complete" so that information isn't lost, print out a copy after you have completed and submitted the report. You don't need to send a copy to the District Office, it is available to us as you complete the report online.
  9. Review the Checklist to make sure all items have been completed.


Checklist Mark Your Calendar
APR Instructions APR Worksheet
Journal Order Form Pastor's Report Summary

Deceased Members

List of Assigned Ministers
Certificate of Election Info Certificate of Election
2018 Annual Audit Report Annual Pastor's Report Login
Alternate Seating Form  

Ministers Not Serving as Senior Pastor

As we near the end of the church year (February 29), all ordained ministers are required to report to the District Assembly. Failure to report for two consecutive years may result in being removed from the roll of ministers. (Licensed ministers should refer to the "Clergy Development" pages for the necessary information and forms.) Depending on one's status and responsibilities, one or more of the following forms will be needed.

All reports are due by Jan. 15, 2018.

    Manual 538.9 – All ministers who hold retired status must complete and submit this report.
    (Not submitting a pastor's, evangelist's, or retired minister's report form) Manual 532.8, 538.9 – All ordained elders and deacons who are not retired and are not serving as a senior pastor must file this report annually. Special Note: If you have been unassigned for more than three years, you must either take retired status or file your credential. Contact the district office for more information.
    If you are serving as a chaplain or seeking the district's endorsement to serve as a chaplain in any capacity other than the military, you need to submit this report. Military chaplains are endorsed by the denomination, but chaplains serving hospitals, police organizations, hospice, etc. are endorsed by the district. This form is available as a Word document that can be filled out on the computer and as a PDF file that can be printed and then filled out.
    Manual 526-526.1, 536.11 – Any minister serving in a capacity other than those described in Manual 504-525 could be classified as Special Service. This might include those with approval to serve a church other than a Church of the Nazarene, those in para-church ministries, serving a compassionate ministry center, etc. Such service requires the approval of the district assembly (and in some cases, approval of the Board of General Superintendents) at the recommendation of the Board of Ministry. This form is required for that recommendation.
    If you are of retirement age, you may request "Retired" status, to be granted by the district assembly. If you are currently in a ministry assignment, you would be granted "Retired Assigned" (RA) status, if currently unassigned, your status would be "Retired Unassigned" (RU). Complete and submit this form to apply for retirement. Note that this is unrelated to receiving retirement benefits from Pensions & Benefits, USA.
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